UK entry fee

The United Kingdom is set to launch ETA entry fees to visa-exempt nations. Image: Pixabay

UK accused of blocking SA expats unless they pass an Afrikaans test

Despite not being fluent in Afrikaans, South African expats were reportedly told to write a test and pass it in order to enter the UK.

UK entry fee

The United Kingdom is set to launch ETA entry fees to visa-exempt nations. Image: Pixabay

A number of South African Passport holders living abroad have accused the United Kingdom (UK) of blocking them from boarding their flights unless they pass an Afrikaans test. 

A number of expats took to various social media groups to relay their frustrations.


South African expats took to social media to share their experience. They were required to write an Afrikaans general knowledge quiz before they could be allowed to board.

One South African said he had his fair share of this experience on his way back from Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. 

“The sheer lack of professionalism on top of the blatant discrimination makes my blood boil! The form is a cheap, unofficial photocopy. There’s not even a proper title or administration number! No choice of language and the worst the staff was untrained and unhelpful. How does this standard 5 geography test prove I am South African?” 

The already answered test South Africans are reportedly asked to write. Photo: Facebook.

Another South African said the same happened to her and her 11-year-old son recently. 

The woman said they were denied their boarding passes and not allowed to fly back to the UK. 

“We spent the weekend visiting my daughter in Ireland. When they gave me the form I asked for it in English as I explained that I was not fluent in Afrikaans, she told me to try my best,” Bronze said. 

Bronze said she and her son had to arrange to get back to her daughter’s place. 

“I phoned my immigration consultant for her advice (we are renewing our visas in August) and she said we should have never been denied boarding our passports and visas are valid. What a joke!”

Another South African also shared the same sentiments. He was flying from Malaga in Spain to London. 

“Firstly the Ryanair employee was very rude and couldn’t give any reasonable explanation about why I had to complete this test. Secondly, I did the test and based on the response I think I answered the questions correctly, even though I’m not fluent in Afrikaans, but the Ryanair employee didn’t even mark the questionnaire! She just said that she would hand it in and if I didn’t pass they wouldn’t let me through border patrol,” the man said.

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