Tshwane says the customer is in arrears of his utility bill but instead harassed contractors who had come to disconnect his electricity. PHOTO: Supplied

Rude Tshwane customer spreads fake information about its contractors

The customer failed to pay his Tshwane utility bill since 2011 and instead circulated rumours that municipal contractors are scammers.


Tshwane says the customer is in arrears of his utility bill but instead harassed contractors who had come to disconnect his electricity. PHOTO: Supplied

A rude and spiteful City of Tshwane customer has spread fake information that the municipality’s contractors are scammers.

The city has urged the public to stop sharing fake information claiming city officials are out to scam residents.

Pictures are circulating on social media of Tshwane contractors, captioned that they are attempting to scam unsuspecting customers.


City of Tshwane spokesperson Selby Bokana says the circulating rumour is that these officials carry a speed point machine which doesn’t have the City’s logo. It seems the rumour was started by a resident in Sinoville with outstanding debt.

The allegations are far from any truth, Bokaba said.

“The facts are that the contractors who are part of the #TshwaneYaTima revenue collection campaign had gone out to disconnect a customer who stays in Sinoville. [The customer’s] account is in arrears for about R370 000 for water, electricity, sanitation, waste and property rate bills.”

Selby Bokaba

The last time this customer paid his bill was in 2011. But the contractors had a job card in their possession which had customer details as well as the purpose for their visit to his house.

The customer started circulating rumours of Tshwane officials, claiming they are scammers. PHOTO: Supplied

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The two contractors were dispatched by Tshwane on Wednesday to the house of the said customer to disconnect his electricity.

On arrival, they found one of the city’s employees with him outside his yard, not far from the meter box.

“Apparently, the city official from Water and Sanitation Department was passing by when he was stopped by the rude customer who allegedly started shouting at him. When one of the contractors stepped out of his vehicle, the customer shifted his focus on him and allegedly continued to scream and hurl insults at him, accusing him of engaging in fraud. The contractors ignored his outbursts and didn’t respond. This incident was witnessed by two other contractors who were in the area to disconnect other customers,” Bokaba explained.


The customer apparently refused to cooperate with the contractors. Instead, he took pictures of them and their vehicle.

The rude customer started taking pictures of the Tshwane contractors. PHOTO: Supplied

Bokaba said residents should note that city contractor’s part of the #TshwaneYaTima campaign carry two things when disconnecting defaulting customers. The first is a print-out of a job card with details of the customer and the purpose for which it has to be executed.

“Others carry a device which is preloaded with the customer details together with a mobile hand-held printer. The latter will, on arrival at the property of a customer, take out the device which is linked to the mobile printer and print a sticker with the customer details and paste it on the job card. The information on the job card or on the device will bear information such as the name of the customer, physical address, account number, amount owned and will specify the reason for the execution of the job card. Those reasons would vary from final notice, disconnection, inspection or a rip disconnection.”

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The spreading of false information by the customer is harassment and an attempt to avoid his electricity being disconnected.

“He also potentially put the lives of the contractors at risk by taking their pictures and that of their vehicle registration plates and publicly circulating them. The uncouth customer, together with those of is ilk, should know that his antics won’t deter us from effective credit control measures and recouping the billions the city is owed by its customers.”