Rosemary Ndlovu: Mother of ‘ki

Rosemary Ndlovu: Mother of ‘killer cop’ denies alleged hitman’s claim

One of the alleged hitmen claim Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu wanted her 80-year-old mother killed, but he never carried out the plan

Rosemary Ndlovu: Mother of ‘ki

Maria Mushwana, the mother of Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, has contradicted key testimony given by one of the alleged hitmen in her daughter’s murder trial.

The elderly woman, who’s at least 80-years-old, took the stand in the Gauteng High Court, sitting in Palm Ridge on Thursday morning, 16 September 2021.

The state alleges that the former Thembisa police officer cashed in R1.4 million from life insurance policies she had taken out on six people whose killings she also orchestrated. These include her boyfriend (Yingwani Maurice Mabasa), sister (Aubrey Somisa Ndlovu), cousin (Witness Madala Homu), niece (Zanele Motha) and two nephews (Brilliant Mashego and Mayeni Mashaba).

Ndlovu faces charges of murder, attempted murder or conspiring to commit murder, defeating the ends of justice and fraud. She has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

While the state alleges that she was the mastermind behind at least six killings of her loved ones, it was apparently a plan to commit other murders that ultimately exposed her.

Rosemary Ndlovu trial: What her mother testified

Alleged hitmen Njabulo Kunene and Lakhiwe Mkhize play a significant role in the state’s case against Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu. They claim Ndlovu had asked them to murder her own mother who lived in Thulamahashe, Buckbuckridge. This is after Ndlovu had approached them with a plan to kill another sister, Gladys, who lived in Pholosong in Thembisa.

Mkhize alleges he was shown Mushwana’s home and given R2 600 to kill her, however he would never follow through with the plan. Mkhzie said when he arrived at her house in December 2017, he was moved by how vulnerable and fragile she was and instead just asked for a glass of water before leaving her unharmed.

However, Mushwana told the court on Thursday that no man came to her home asking for water.

“I never saw anyone coming to my place of residents and ask for water,” Mushwana said through a translator.

Ndlovu would then return to the men with another murder request – this time for another sister, Joyce and her five children — the youngest was five months old. They also stayed in Bushbuckridge. It was this alleged plot that would change things: Kunene agreed to carry out the murders but he was so disturbed by the proposal that he informed police and a sting operation, together with an officer who would pose as his accomplice, was set up, leading to her arrest.