Impeach Mugabe: This is how Zimbabwe will finally force Bob to leave

(Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Simphiwe Nkwali)

Robert Mugabe roasts Trump at the UN, labels him a ‘giant gold goliath’

Land-grabbing enthusiasts blasts someone for ‘threatening the peace’. OK then…

Impeach Mugabe: This is how Zimbabwe will finally force Bob to leave

(Photo by Gallo Images / Sunday Times / Simphiwe Nkwali)

Look, let’s make one thing clear. We aren’t picking sides here. But when Robert Mugabe took to the podium at the UN Assembly yesterday, he aimed an absolute gem towards the man people love to hate. Perhaps it takes one to know one?

It was a case of Robert Vs Goliath if you believe the dictatorial Zimbabwean leader. He used his speech to lambast the American president for his persistent threats to ‘annihilate’ North Korea.

Referring to the famous Bible story of Goliath, who terrorised local residents with his imposing figure and intimidation actions, he compared the religious zenith to Donald Trump.

Robert Mugabe’s biblical roast of President Trump:

“Some of us were embarrassed, if not frightened, by what appeared to be the return of the biblical Giant Gold Goliath. Are we having a return of Goliath to our midst? who threatens the extinction of other countries?”

“And may I say to the United States president, Mr Trump, please blow your trumpet. Although, blow your trumpet in a musical way. Towards the values of unity, peace, co-operation, togetherness, and dialogue. We have always stood for this and which are well-writ in our very sacred document, the Charter of the United Nations.”

Wow. When land-grabbing enthusiat Robert Mugabe says he’s embarrassed by your leadership, maybe it’s time to reconsider a few things? His speech actually drew a warm applause from the audience. Although, two US diplomats remained expressionless throughout.

Trump’s ‘Goliath’ threat of Nuclear War

Donald Trump put the world on tenterhooks yet again when he threatened to ‘totally destroy’ North Korea following their provocative tests of nuclear missiles.

Mugabe’s bellicose words signal that the frosty relationship between him and Western government wasn’t about to thaw any time soon. His authoritarian rule has been challenged by America and Europe in the last 37 years. They continuously imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe for ‘undemocratic behaviour’.

Of course, Mugabe leads these calls for peace and togetherness whilst he and his officials desperately try to stop his wife from facing assault charges. It’s a funny old world.