Robert Marawa and King Mswati

Photo: Pixabay/FirmBee

Robert Marawa and King Mswati dominate Google search queries this week

Let’s take a closer look at what South Africans wanted to know from Google this week. The elections and Mother’s Day was on everyone’s minds.

Robert Marawa and King Mswati

Photo: Pixabay/FirmBee

It was an eventful week with plenty newsworthy events. South Africans used Google to keep informed and up to date with the news.

The weekend after the elections had everyone googling for the election results and the various political parties, while Mother’s day generated more than 300 000 searched.

South Africa’s top Google searches this week

Mother’s Day

We love our mothers, and terms as such Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Mother’s Day Omages ranked the highest over the weekend – approxmiately 200 000 queries were logged on Saturday, and 100 000 on Sunday.

Did you know that the found of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, distanced herself fom the public holiday? She said years later that she became resentful of the commercialisation of the day.

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We went to polls on 8 May and the results were released over the weekend. This prompted many citizens to search for information about the political parties, their leaders and the controversies surrounding the results.

The search term Election results 2019 South Africa generated more than 50 000 search queries over the weekend as readers wanted to know who had won the majority of national and provincial government votes.

Robert Marawa

The veteran sportscaster was fired from SuperSport, over SMS nogal, and turned into the most searched person on Google South Africa on 16 May. He tweeted Thursday evening that he was told not to return to work.

SuperSport released a statement the following day to confirm the termination of his contract.

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Zandile Gumede

Netizens generated more than 20 000 search queries for Zandile Gumede on Tuesday, when news broke that the Ethekwini Municipality Mayor would hand herself over to the Hawks.

She will appear in front of the Durban Commercial Crimes court for charges of corruption and money laundering leveled against her.

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King Mswati

King Msawti also made headlines for reportedly ordering men to take two wives, preferably more. The Government of eSwatini denied these reports and is demanding that the Zambian Observer retract its story.

South African netizens generated more than 20 000 search queries on 13 May. No, he wasn’t forcing people into polygamy. Government spokesperson Percy Simelane cleared up the matter:

“His Majesty has not made any pronouncement to that effect as it has never been an issue raised by the people. He said the story was ‘not only an insult to the monarchy and the culture of eSwatini but a disgrace to journalism’.”