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Man shot and killed in attempted robbery at Ekurhuleni licensing hub

A suspect has been killed by security personnel during an attempted robbery of a licensing hub in Ekurhuleni.


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A failed robbery of a Ekurhuleni licensing hub ended in the death of one suspect on Saturday, while three others escaped.


The incident took place in Boksburg where four armed assailants tried to break into the premises of a Ekurhuleni licensing hub to snatch high-value documents. Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD) spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Kelebogile Thepa, confirmed that the men faced gunfire from the station’s security staff before one suspect was killed.

“Their attempt to rob and flee with licensing inventory was short-lived after they [met] their match, consisting of (a hail of) bullets from the security personnel deployed at the centre,”

Thepa said.

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Hamilton Ledwaba, a divisional head, added that such criminal activity is a setback to the hub’s operations. He said public service is committed to getting things done for the benefit of local citizens, but lawbreakers are making the job difficult.

“We are currently experiencing backlogs within our licensing centres and trying to speedily provide the services to our community, but this is hindered by acts of criminality [by people] who deem it fit to be destructive instead of constructive in rebuilding our city,” said Ledwaba.

To assist law officials, local residents are encouraged to report acts of criminality to their nearest police station, EMPD precinct stations, or the Ekurhuleni anti-fraud hotline on 0800 102 201.

Also in Ekurhuleni, last month saw a jewelry outlet being robbed at gunpoint by four suspects, aged between 29 and 39. The suspects were later found in possession of items worth R100 000, though about six more armed suspects managed to escape

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