RIP Hugh Hefner: Twitter has reacted to the news, and it’s divided…

He was controversial, but he was highly thought of friends and colleagues.



Earlier today, Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner passed away in his sleep aged 91, due to natural causes.

He became famous for being at the forefront of sexual liberation throughout the 1960s and 70s. He successfully built his empire and eventually retired to his world famous ‘Playboy Mansion’ in Beverley Hills, home to scores of beautiful models.

Whereas some saw him as a great campaigner for women’s rights, others saw him as a man who objectified the opposite sex. Wherever the Hef has been, controversy has followed. The obituaries on Twitter today tell a very familiar tale…

Many have praised him. Many have lamented what he stood for. However, the truth about Hef is that he stuck to his guns no matter what, in the face of intense public pressure from America’s repressive censorship.

Here’s the Twitterverse’s take on Hugh Hefner:

Plenty of celebrities and former Playboy bunnies expressed their condolences. Ex-models and close friends paid tribute to his accomplishments

Twitter also remembered Hugh for his activism…

However, Mr Hefner remained a divisive figure up until his death. Some Tweeters chose to voice the disapproval of his life and business choices.

We have his supporters and his detractors. But we also have those who are sending him off with humour. We’re sure it’s what Hugh would have wanted…