107 sheep theft

Merino sheep. Image: Flickr

107 sheep theft: 51-year-old man arrested in the Northern Cape

We’ve heard much about big livestock theft but this one stands out. A man has allegedly stolen 107 sheep in Richmond, Northern Cape.

107 sheep theft

Merino sheep. Image: Flickr

A 51-year-man has been accused of stealing 107 sheep in Richmond, Northern Cape. The news was confirmed by South African Police Service (SAPS) Spokesperson Captain Sergio Kock on Thursday.


According to the report, the 51-year-old took his time. He allegedly stole the livestock between the period of 30 April 2021 and 21 September 2021.

The sheep that are worth R235 000 are the special merino breed that are famous for very fine soft wool.

“The police registered a stock theft docket and it will be presented before the senior state prosecutor for a decision,” Kock said.

“The sheep were stolen between April 30 and September 21 and are worth about R235,000.”

For anyone who may be counting on scoring some illegal cash through stock theft in this looming festive season, a warning has been served.

“The SAPS will continue to tighten the grip and squeeze the space for criminals to operate,” Kock concluded after the alleged 107 sheep theft.

According to the international Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) South African livestock theft is not given the attention it deserves for such a cornerstone of the national economy.

“The importance of crimes committed in the rural areas of South Africa is neglected by researchers in the field of humanities and related research areas. In South Africa, livestock theft is the only crime committed on farms which is indicated separately within the National Crime Statistics,” GCSP says.

“Irrespective, the crime is neglected by researchers and the extent of the crime is not comprehended within the criminal justice system or the academia.”


A special joint police “Operation Ukhahlamba” has resulted in the recovery of scores of heads of cattle and goats. Three alleged livestock thieves in the Drakensberg mountain range region over the past week.

KwaZulu-Natal SAPS spokesperson, Captain Nqobile Gwala, said that the operation had been launched after residents in Bergville, Winterton, Ntabamhlophe, Ematsheni and Wembezi, had raised their concern about the high level of crime, especially livestock theft, at a ministerial imbibe that was held in Loskop.

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