Report claims Treasury has a ‘

Report claims Treasury has a ‘silver bullet’ to end Zuma, save Gordhan

Head honchos at National Treasury claim to have a last resort plan that’ll guarantee Jacob Zuma’s destruction, but it comes with a hefty price.

Report claims Treasury has a ‘

A new report by BizNews’ Alec Hogg says that senior Treasury officials have a plan in place to stop Jacob Zuma and his loyalists from capturing National Treasury.

Opposition parties and even the ANC’s own allies have cried foul over the newest assault on finance minister Pravin Gordhan, with many believing it to be a political ploy by Jacob Zuma and co. Well, Treasury’s “nuclear bomb” as they call it, would stop that from happening; but officials say they’d only deploy if Gordhan was in real danger of being given the boot.

Last week Gordhan was summoned to appear before the Hawks, an order he refused, angering Zuma’s cronies; on top of that, the minister launched an attack on Eskom, claiming that shady coal contracts between the energy supplier and Zuma’s besties, the Guptas are some of the reasons the Hawks were so desperate to charge him.

Hogg writes that Treasury’s last resort “nuclear bomb” would guarantee the total collapse of the South African economy should Gordhan face the boot; an  option which, according to them, would be a “small price to pay.”