Mbalula inspects Lanseria International Airport

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula. Image via: @MbalulaFikile / Twitter

Lanseria Airport compliant with COVID-19 lockdown regulations – Mbalula

With an annual 2.4 million passenger servicing record, it’s pertinent that Lanseria International Airport adheres to the COVID-19 regulations.

Mbalula inspects Lanseria International Airport

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula. Image via: @MbalulaFikile / Twitter

Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula, on Saturday 6 June, inspected the Lanseria International Airport to ensure its adherence to lockdown regulations and directions.

After a thorough inspection, Mbalula dubbed it compliant with the Department of Transport’s safety requirements.

“We have evaluated the measures implemented at this airport against our requirements. I am happy to pronounce that not only is the airport is fully compliant with our requirements, they have gone a step further and implemented contactless check-in for all passengers,” said Mbalula.  

“On 1 June 2020, the country moved to Level 3 of the government’s risk-adjusted approach in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant more industries resuming operations, which results in increased demand for transport,” he added. 



According to Mbalula, the following regulations and directives must be followed: 

Contactless check-in and boarding

  • Baggage wrapping for all luggage;
  • Zoned boarding; and
  • Staff members have been issued with the necessary PPE and have undergone retraining on COVID-19.

At boarding gates, boarding will be staggered and prioritized in terms of the number of passengers to board.  Sectional boarding will be implemented to avoid unnecessary contact inside the aircraft.

All the airports will have markings on the floors and seats for social distancing of 1.5 metres. This will be applicable at check-in counters, security checkpoints and lounges.

The following measures will apply inside the cabin of the aircraft:

  • ​No catering will be allowed;
  • ​No magazines on board;
  • ​The last row will be reserved for isolation of suspected cases; and
  • All aircraft must be disinfected before entering into service and after each flight.


  • Passengers must use drop and go facilities or public transport as only passengers will be allowed into the terminal; 
  • Limited parkade options will be available; 
  • Meeters and greeters will not be allowed in the terminal building; and
  • Baggage wrapping is now compulsory for all check-in luggage for hygiene reasons. 


  • A number of access points have been closed at each airport. Please visit the Airports Company website for details on which access points and terminal entrance points should be used; 
  • Access to terminal buildings will, therefore, be restricted; 
  • Physical distancing rules will apply at the terminal entrance;
  • Masks are compulsory from entry all the way through to a flight and out of the destination airport; 
  • Port health will conduct screening checks at entrances; 
  • Passengers must produce their business travel permission letters at the entrance; and
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary permission letter before they book a flight. 


Lanseria is an important gateway into SA’s economic hub, complementing OR Tambo.

“Our phased approach in opening our airspace for essential domestic travel will start with limited travel, permitted only through our golden triangle airports,” said Mbalula.

“In allowing domestic flights to land and take off from these four airports, we require the implementation of stringent measures to eliminate the spread of the virus through this mode of transport. These measures include a limit to the number of permitted flights per day…”

Once the limited domestic flights take to the skies at the first four airports, work will begin on the move to Phase 2 of the 3-phase process to re-open the airspace for domestic travel. This will entail evaluating the level of readiness.

Guided by these considerations, commercial aircraft movement will be allowed from these airports during each phase: 

Phase 1: 

  • OR Tambo International Airport; 
  • Cape Town International Airport; 
  • King Shaka International Airport; and 
  • Lanseria International Airport. 

Phase 2: 

  • Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport; 
  • Polokwane International Airport; and 
  • Bram Fischer. 

Phase 3: 

  • Kimberley Airport; 
  • Upington; 
  • East London; 
  • Umtata; and
  • Port Elizabeth.