Durban principle

Reiger Park principal caught having sex with students on camera

The headmaster has committed terrible crimes against his pupils

Durban principle

The Reiger Park principal has caused widespread outrage, after video content of him having sex with some of the school’s pupils was put online.

Based in east Johannesburg, Reiger Park has been plunged into turmoil following the perverted headteacher’s sexual assaults. As reported by EWN, social workers have since been to the school in Boksburg today to interview the victims.

There is still some confusion surrounding the future of the principal, who is yet to be named by local authorities. Although he is believed to have handed his resignation in, it seems like he’s only done that to pre-empt a disciplinary procedure.

Panyaza Lesufi is the Gauteng Education MEC. He confirmed that the Principal has still not officially vacated his position. He also warned that it is against the law to possess or share a copy of the videos, and assured the principal would be banned from teaching for life:

“We believe those documents were submitted under the wrong pretences. We thought it was a resignation, but it was quite clear that it was pre-empting a disciplinary process.”

“Anyone who is in possession of [the videos of the incidents] must immediately delete them. It doesn’t assist the learners.”

“It must be noted that he is no longer in the employment of the department; however we will report him to the South African Council of Educators to be struck off the roll with immediate effect.”

“We appeal to learners, educators and parents to co-operate with all officials sent to the school for necessary intervention into this matter.”

The case is now facing complicated legal territory, as videos of the assault have been circulated on social media. By retweeting or keeping the footage saved (as in, ‘liking’ it), online users are also committing a criminal offence.

Lefusi and his team vowed to act swiftly by bringing criminal charges against the Reiger Park principal.

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