Jacob Zuma Ramatlhodi

President Jacob Zuma. (Gallo Images)

Recalled but still President – How South Africans reacted to Zuma’s recall

Zuma Recall: The ANC has officially announced that is has notified President Jacob Zuma that he has been recalled by his party. While Zuma makes up his mind, South Africans have been getting their thoughts across.

Jacob Zuma Ramatlhodi

President Jacob Zuma. (Gallo Images)

Ok, so now we all know that the ANC has officially recalled President Zuma (Zuma Recall and all that jazz). While it’s easy to get caught up on the word “recall”, it’s important to remember that Jacob Zuma is still President of the country. His party may have recalled him but that just means he is “instructed” to follow his party’s orders and resign. He is not legally obligated to step down.

ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule officially confirmed the recall news at a media briefing on Tuesday afternoon. With Magasgule (a Zuma allie) appearing visibly awkward while reading the statement, South Africans were in all kinds of moods on Twitter.

As usual, we’ve gathered some of the best responses we could find. Let’s start with one journalist pointing out just big of a deal Magashule’s announcement was for the entire world.

As one meme pointed out, Zuma had “said” (he didn’t it was a joke) that he will resign when it rains in Cape Town. After the press conference came to an end, Thunder and dark clouds took over the Cape Town sky…

While answering journalists questions, Magashule confusingly explained that Zuma had been given no deadline to resign. But they expected an answer at a certain time… eh?

Of course, Thabo Mbeki was on the mind of some South Africans. Karma finally coming back around all these years later?

There was even a Black Panther reference…

The rest of us were just sick of the wait and getting excited to finally be done with JZ… (even though we aren’t quite there yet)

So now we go back to more waiting! Once again, the ball is in President Zuma’s court…