white mentality Gauteng Health Department


Read: Over 32 000 fake licenses exposed in SA

Fake news, maybe some corruption in government? No, this time it’s fake doctors causing all the chaos. Worryingly, there are a lot of them.

white mentality Gauteng Health Department


Going to a new doctor anytime soon? Well, you better make sure they’re the real deal before you do, especially after the revelations in this latest report. Fake doctors and radiologists have been busted in the Joburg city centre of late.

TimesLIVE reports that six doctors were arrested in the centre after health certificates were issued to unfit drivers.  Two radiologists were also arrested for running unregistered practices. The arrests are a part of Operation Recall, a program launched two months ago by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

“Among the arrested bogus doctors is one believed to have evaded arrest in Vereeniging three weeks ago. One bogus doctor is still on the run‚” the RTMC said in a statement released on Friday evening. “The doctors are expected to face charges related to fraud‚ the contravention of Medicines Control Act‚ when they appear in court on Monday.”

The raid took place on Friday and also saw medicines and files confiscated. Since the operation launched, 12 doctors have been arrested but the RTMC estimates there are many more still out there.

The group says around 32 000 public drivers permits have been issued through irregular means. Fake doctors who issue these certificates can make R8 000 per day.

The RTMC says it is unfit drivers that are to blame for a large share of accidents on South African roads.

With so many fake doctors issuing these type of certificates, it is positive to see the Hawks collaborating with the RTMC to carry out Friday’s arrests. The Gauteng traffic police compliance unit‚ the SAPS tactical response unit‚ the Health Professions Council of South Africa‚ the Medicines Control Council and Medscheme were also all involved.

NOTE: The article headline has been updated after a mix up between the number of certificates issued and fake doctors.