Read: NPA says there is curren

Read: NPA says there is currently ‘no evidence’ to suggest a coup plot

The HAWKS say one thing and the NPA say another.

Read: NPA says there is curren

The last few weeks have seen yet another surprising development in South African political sphere, I mean we even had a man arrested for plotting an “anti-state capture coup”, complete with plans to assassinate prominent members of Jacob Zuma’s cabinet.

Well, that’s what the HAWKS said after they publically announced the arrest of the plotter, a 33-year-old man named Elvis Ramosebudi. So what’s the latest controversy causing a stir in this matter? Well, the National Prosecuting Authority have announced that as of yet, there is in fact “no evidence” that suggests Ramosebudi was plotting to overthrow the government itself. NPA spokesperson Phindi Louw spoke to the media outside court.

“The evidence that we have at this point suggests that the proper charge should be incitement to commit murder. We do not have information at our disposal currently that points to the suggested coup plot.”

Ramosebudi made his 2nd appearance before the court today, the court has now heard that his charge would no longer be conspiracy to commit murder, the charge is now “incitement” to commit murder.

The NPA gave more details on why the charge has been changed, the authority pointed to the fact that when conspiring, the individuals has to work with someone else, as it stands it appears that Ramosebudi worked alone.

“If it is not in the interest of justice or if the witnesses might be in danger if the accused is released on bail then we will oppose bail. If there are no reasons to oppose bail, then we won’t.”

So was this a plan for a couple of high profile murders or in fact a coup attempt, maybe even a one man coup perhaps?