Read: John Steenhuisen has a g

Read: John Steenhuisen has a go at “scared ANC” in the run-up to SONA2017

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Read: John Steenhuisen has a g

It’s not a parliamentary party without the DA’s chief whip showing us how it’s done and John Steenhuisen’s already taken a few stabs at the ruling party.

Speaking to News24, he said the ANC’s plans on holding a “People’s Assembly” at the grand parade after SONA on Thursday shows the party is “running scared,” adding that the party is having to find validation outside of parliament seeing as there’s very little respect left for it inside the National Assembly.

The ANC has announced that it will be hosting party members at the Grand Parade following the president’s speech, where Zuma will be addressing supporters. On Monday sports minister and NEC member Fikile Mbalula did a bit of campaigning in the run-up to the event, calling on ANC members come and show their support for Zuma.

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Steenhuisen, however, isn’t convinced by the ANC’s motives in organising this so-called People’s Assembly.

“I do find it very strange that the President will be making his SONA address and then proceed down the road to essentially repeat it,” Steenhuisen told News24, adding that the move shows the ANC has accepted that it had already “lost the debate in parliament.”

It will be interesting to see what the actual message is. I think the ANC is definitely running scared. They know they can no longer win in the Parliamentary environment.”

“They had a very bad year for them in Parliament last year and President Zuma knows the knives are out for him even in his own caucus. In politics there’s a saying that your opposition sits in front of you and your enemies sit behind you, so he knows its no longer a friendly environment,” Steenhuisen said.

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