Read: Incredible South African

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Read: Incredible South African genius graduates university at just 19 years-old

Excellence upon excellence…

Read: Incredible South African

(Wikimedia commons)

There is a lot of excellence in South Africa, it is incredibly important to remember that South Africans are more than just the low standard set by most of those in government positions. The next generation is filled with all kinds of excellent skillsets and ready to make a difference in SA.

Quintine Mkhondo is only 19 years old and he has just graduated from the University of Pretoria (UP). A degree in Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics is firmly in the bag for the young man born in Soshanguve.

Mkhondo was raised in Bushbuckridge by his grandparents, he was such an exceptional student that he skipped both Grade 5 and Grade 9. Once he hit Grade 10 Mkhondo discovered his fascination for mathematics.  The young genius matriculated from Hoedspruit Independent College at just 14, that’s the age other kids are when they START high school.

“My journey at the University of Pretoria forced me to grow up at a much faster rate than the normal South African teenager, but I don’t regret a minute of it, “says Quintine. “I have grown in so many different aspects of my life, and learned to work hard and never give up on what I want to achieve.”

With Actuarial Science being known as one of the most intense degrees, Mkhondo faced an extremely challenging course load, his most difficult courses often took place the same time as protest action on campus, he stayed focussed and managed to pass all his subjects.

“The only time you lose is when you give up,’ continues Quintine. ‘Endurance is the hardest part. I feel like the challenges I’ve faced have brought out a new, stronger version of myself.”

The first member of his family to receive a university degree, Mkhondo says his degree is one of the greatest achievements of his life.  He is not done studying just yet though, going for even more glory Mkhondo is now completing his Honours Degree in Mathematical statistics.

Dream jobs? He hopes to one day work as an analyst for one of the major South African banks or own his own investment company. If anyone is certain to achieve their goals it is most certainly Quintine Mkhondo!