Ramaphosa Jacob Zuma coup

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Just in: Zuma attacks Ramaphosa for ‘betraying ANC’ in open letter

Cyril Ramaphosa has received a scathing reply to his open letter – and it has come from Jacob Zuma. The response is strongly-worded, to say the least.

Ramaphosa Jacob Zuma coup

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Jacob Zuma has cracked open an enormous can of worms on Friday, after penning a scathing open letter to his successor. Msholozi has hammered President Cyril Ramaphosa on a number of issues but mainly takes exception to the letter that the head of state sent to all ANC members this week regarding corruption.

What has Jacob Zuma written about Cyril Ramaphosa?

Predictably, this has pushed a few of uBaba’s buttons. There has been an unspoken distrust between Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa, ever since the latter took over from the former to the lead the ANC – and South Africa – in February 2018. This, however, marks the clearest and most scathing discussion between the pair.

  • Zuma slams Ramaphosa for making ‘ANC problems’ a public matter – and wants them discussed privately.
  • Msholozi states that Cyril has ‘betrayed the party’ for calling its members corrupt.
  • Ramaphosa’s predecessor also criticised the president for failing to uphold the Nasrec resolutions – Zuma is particularly upset that the Reserve Bank was never nationalised.

“You have betrayed the ANC”

The most stinging part of Zuma’s letter comes at the midway point, where he suggests President Ramaphosa is accusing members of doing the same corrupt actions he and his current ministers are guilty of. JZ is, rather vaguely, calling Cyril out for his own alleged bad behaviour – and claims he’s only acting against criminal activity to ‘save his own skin’. Truly, this is a remarkable statement:

“To stand in public and say the ANC must bury its head in shame is a devastating statement to make. Your letter is a diversion and merely serves as a PR exercise to save your own skin. By accusing the whole ANC of corruption for the acts of a few, you betray all the people who assembled to create the party in 1912.”

“It’s unforgivable to label our rank and file members as criminals for crimes you and those with whom you serve in the structures of state are accused of. Your letter is rather low and disappointing, and it lends credence to the suggestion you work for white monopoly capital.”

Jacob Zuma on Cyril Ramaphosa
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