Rea le Roux music video 'Boeregangsta' Image:

Rea le Roux music video ‘Boeregangsta’ Image:

Rea le Roux parody ‘Boeregangsta’ irks hip-hop community

‘Boeregangsta’ is an Afrikaans parody song by Rea le Roux. Unfortunately, it’s irked the hip-hop community – and it’s just, actually, bad. Here’s more.

Rea le Roux music video 'Boeregangsta' Image:

Rea le Roux music video ‘Boeregangsta’ Image:

The Rea le Roux parody song Boeregangsta is an Afrikaans song, reportedly uploaded to YouTube as a joke.

However, many viewers have taken wrongly to the ‘joke’ post.

IIs this South Africa’s worst song?

The song contains the lyrics ‘boeregangsta’, and features white men dressed up in mock-gangster outfits.

It was meant to be funny.

However, some say that Rea le Roux owes hip-hop an apology.

Here’s what to know about the song, and why it does real hip-hop some real injustice.

Rea le Roux: The Afrikaans song ‘Boeregangasta’

Rea le Roux also released the Afrikaans techno song Boeremeisies Rule, which got more than 11 000 YouTube hits.

Her parody Gatvol vir Huisskoonmaak also went viral.

However, this time the singer went too far.

Boeregangsta is meant as a lighthearted joke. However, it might bring back memories of apartheid-era Southern Africa – and doesn’t take serious hip-hop and its artists seriously enough.

While parodies like Amish Paradise (Weird Al) were funny for the artists it poked fun at, Boeregangsta seems to make a joke of artists without anyone’s input.

What happens in the video?

Le Roux’s Boeregangsta music video features the singer surrounded by several men.

Boeregangsta is a parody, its description says. However, some say it’s offensive instead of funny.

The phrase ‘boeregangsta’ brings up images of banned far-right groups like the Boeremag. You laugh at it, not with it.

Should she apologize to South African hip-hop artists for this?

Rea le Roux: Who is Rea le Roux?

Rea le Roux is a South African singer and vocal coach.

However, she also makes parody music videos for TikTok and YouTube. ‘Boeregangsta’ didn’t go as viral as her previous releases, however it still got attention.

The parody Gatvol vir Huisskoonmaak used Miley Cyrus’ hit song Wrecking Ball set to new lyrics.

Boeremeisies Rule and Gatvol vir Huisskoonmaak had more than 40, 000 views on YouTube.

However, Boeregangsta is notorious, not famous.

What would real South African ‘gangstas’ say about the Boeregangsta song?

Rea le Roux: ‘Boeregangsta’ [Watch]

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