When to see Strawberry Moon this week

Here is when to see Strawberry Moon this week. Images: Stock/Canva

Rare FULL MOON EVENT for JUNE, 2024: All the details here

There’s a full moon event in July, but it’s not the regular Strawberry Moon – it’s a special moon event you can’t miss out on seeing! Here’s more.

When to see Strawberry Moon this week

Here is when to see Strawberry Moon this week. Images: Stock/Canva

Rare full moon events don’t happen every day.

However, there’s something special that’s scheduled for July 2024.

The South African has all the details about this special lunar event happening this weekend.

Caught the moon on camera yet?

Here’s everything you should know about July’s lunar event, including when to see it – and why you can’t miss it.

Full Moon: June, 2024

The Full Moon is happening on 21 June 2024.

However, it’s not just a regular lunar event.

It’s called a Lunar Standstill, which allows us to see a greater view of the lunar event than we usually would.

This is a special Strawberry Moon, according to the website MoonGiant.com.

The next lunar event happens exactly one month later.

However, not everyone remembers the next lunar event. That’s why we’re here to tell you about it.

Full Moon: July, 2024

The Buck Moon is happening on 21 July, according to the website Astronomy.com.

That’s exactly one month after this lunar event.

However, not every lunar event works in this way.

August’s full moon is happening on a different date!

Lunar cycles aren’t exactly the same every month.

Moon for August 2024

August’s full moon is happening on 19 August 2024.

It’s also called the Sturgeon Moon, according to TimeandDate.com.

However, it’s also called the Lynx and Lightning Moon.

Naming every lunar event helps us to keep track and associates it with something that happens during a specific time of the year.

Moon photography tips

You don’t need an expensive camera for great lunar photography.

However, you have to remember the next full moon date!

We’ll keep you updated on every month’s moon events.

Want to take better lunar photographs? You can start with any camera, although you should wait until the full moon’s peak – the brightest time – for the best results.

You can take great photographs, even if you aren’t a professional photographer.

Sometimes, it’s about your settings and your timing!

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