trade fair Ramaphosa jobs Soweto

Photo: Twitter @CyrilRamaphosa

Ramaphosa promises ‘no more jobs for pals’

More promises… But can Ramaphosa keep them? The president has vowed to end dodgy careers at municipalities.

trade fair Ramaphosa jobs Soweto

Photo: Twitter @CyrilRamaphosa

He’s the president of the country. But he’s also the president of the ANC. Cyril Ramaphosa has been made well aware of that these last few days, as the party frantically looks to secure as many votes as possible. South Africans head to the polls on Monday, but many citizens are already casting their special votes over the weekend. As one of his final campaign promises, Ramaphosa has vowed to put an and to friends of politicians getting jobs at municipalities.

Ramaphosa: One promise too many?

Ramaphosa addressed the ANC’s final Siyanqoba rally in Soweto on Friday evening. After urging residents to trust the ANC one last time, he delivered his warning to his party’s councillors.

“We will speedily conclude a local government skills audit and change the way in which municipal managers, chief financial officers and other senior officials are appointed. There can be no more jobs for pals. Councillors must continue to live among our people and be accountable. We will not accept councillors who will run from problems.”

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa

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What next for the ANC?

The president is also calling for local government officials to live within their communities. And stay clear of political interference. While that sounds like it should be a somewhat obvious and bare minimum requirement, we all know that’s not how it’s worked here in SA.

Ramaphosa has been quick to remind South Africans that the ANC is now the only party that has allowed communities to choose their own candidates for the party.

And while ANC candidates have now signed official pledges to root out corruption and just serve the people, will that be enough to bring about real change?

“We are asking you, the people of South Africa, to give us a mandate to rebuild and renew the country’s cities, towns, villages and rural areas.  By working together, we will win,” Ramaphosa said as he concluded his speech.

Whether you agree or not, just make sure you head to your voting station to make your voice heard.