R350 srd grant January

People queuing outside a SASSA office. Image: GCIS

R350 Grant: SASSA recipients could be targeted by ‘ATM scammers’

SASSA released a statement on Wednesday, informing all beneficiaries – including R350 grant applicants – about the threat criminals pose to these payments.

R350 srd grant January

People queuing outside a SASSA office. Image: GCIS

For those of you withdrawing your SASSA grants in December, the Social Development Department has issued a stern warning for all recipients. Handouts for the elderly, the disabled, and R350 grant applicants are likely to be targeted by ‘ATM scammers’, who are planning to prey on the vulnerable in the next few weeks.

All SASSA beneficiaries – including R350 grant recipients – warned about ATM scammers

On Wednesday, SASSA urged all social grant beneficiaries to be vigilant and ensure that they don’t fall victim to fraudsters and criminals when collecting their November and December social grants. Recipients have been told not to accept any assistance at ATMs from people posing as SASSA officials:

“Frail pensioners, people living with disability, and R350 grant beneficiaries are being targeted by thugs and scammers during the festive season. Some of these criminals visit pay points, pretend to be SASSA officials and others pretend to be offering assistance at the automated teller machine (ATMs).” 

“If the beneficiaries suspect that the pin code has been exposed to the wrong person, they have a right to change it at the South African Post Offices or private banks. If beneficiaries encounter any challenges that the money has been withdrawn, they must ask for the statement at the Post Office or bank to see the transactions.”

 Mpumalanga SASSA spokesperson Senzeni Ngubeni 

How to avoid a scam when collecting at cashpoints

You can, however, avoid these stresses by following the three golden rules:

  • After collecting the money at the pay point, ATM users must put it in a safe place, ensuring that no-one notices them.
  • Do not allow any strangers to assist you in carrying your bags or withdrawing money at the ATM.
  • Do not use your card as security to get a loan from a money lender.