public sector PSA union

PSA members picketing earlier this week. Image: Facebook/PSA

Public Sector strike: Over 200k workers to hit the streets – these services will be affected

PSA’s national strike on Thursday will be supported by FEDUSA. The union said some departments will be seriously impacted.

public sector PSA union

PSA members picketing earlier this week. Image: Facebook/PSA

More than 235 000 public sector workers are expected to strike from Thursday, 10 November, over a wage dispute. The Public Service Association (PSA), which represents the majority of workers, said its industrial action is supported by its sister unions affiliated with the Federation of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa).


The strike has been a long-time coming, unions want a wage increase above inflation – PSA’s most recent demand is 10%. The government, however, says it cannot go higher than the 3% increase that was pushed through in Enoch Godongwana’s “mini-budget” in October.

Thursday’s national strike will be the first major public sector strike since 2010. The union issued the strike notice on 24 October after the deadlock in salary negotiations.

“The strike will have a serious impact on activities of departments, especially Home Affairs, Transport, and Border Control,” said PSA.

“Public servants, like other employees and taxpayers, are feeling the severe effects of major price increases for fuel, transport, and food as well as interest rate hikes.”

The union said the government’s decision to force through the 3% increase would seriously impact how wage negotiations are conducted in the public sector in the future.

COSATU unions – who are also holding out for 10% – recently received certificates of non-resolution. It is likely that a strike will follow in the coming weeks.