Pravin Gordhan State Capture Inquiry

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

Pravin Gordhan told to ‘chill’ as sparks fly at State Capture Inquiry

Dali Mpofu, representing ex SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane, let fly at Pravin Gordhan during the State Capture Inquiry – and the minister was left rattled.

Pravin Gordhan State Capture Inquiry

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

Pravin Gordhan has been subjected to a fierce cross-examination at the State Capture Inquiry on Monday, as he clashed with Tom Moyane’s lawyer Dali Mpofu. The pair butted heads during the afternoon session, when Mpofu grew frustrated with the way the minister responded to his line of questioning.

Pravin Gordhan’s tough day at the State Capture Inquiry

It marked another fractious encounter for Gordhan, who had previously been told to stop quoting ‘hearsay’ in his response to certain matters. State Capture Inquiry evidence leader Matthew Chaskalson issued the following rebuke.

“Mr. Gordhan, I must ask you to confine yourself to matters within your knowledge because otherwise the evidence and the cross-examination may stray far beyond the bounds of what will be helpful to the commission.”

Matthew Chaskalson

Old foes in fierce confrontation

Tensions didn’t exactly cool from there. Pravin Gordhan and Dali Mpofu had an almighty fallout during their exchange, which was sparked by the ANC stalwart’s belligerent approach to the proceedings:

Gordhan slammed Mpofu for failing to ask his questions in a clear and concise manner.

“If Mpofu crystalises his questions better it will be easier to answer. There is lots of evidence to implicate Tom Moyane in the act of state capture… read the work of Judge Nugent.”

Pravin Gordhan

His reaction sparked an equally terse comeback from Moyane’s advocate, who insisted that Gordan ‘must chill’:

“Thank you Mr. Gordhan for trying to teach me how to ask you questions… I ask the questions here Mr. Gordhan so just chill and wait for the questions. You must stop giving me a lecture instead of just answering the question.

Dali Mpofu
  • The State Capture Inquiry continues on Monday afternoon