Rhythm Lounge Gauteng bar

Photo: Faith Mazibuko / Twitter

Popular Gauteng bar bosses ARRESTED – for ‘staying open during curfew’

Patrons reportedly ran out of the venue during a police bust on Saturday – and this iconic Gauteng bar has been described as ‘a problem’ by a local MEC.

Rhythm Lounge Gauteng bar

Photo: Faith Mazibuko / Twitter

Two managers of the Rhythm Lounge in Vereeniging, South Gauteng have been arrested over the weekend – after they defied the new Level 2 laws and kept their bar open past the allocated hours of operation.

Gauteng bar closed down due to ‘curfew violation’

Only allowed to operate until 22:00 – before the curfew kicks in at 23:00 – Rhythm Lounge broke the rules in spectacular fashion on Saturday. It was reported that the venue was ‘full beyond capacity’, over half-an-hour after the doors should’ve been shut. Law enforcement officials were greeted by packed streets and traffic jams on arrival.

Faith Mazibuko is the MEC for Community Safety in Gauteng. She was part of the police operation that raided the night-spot, and the politician was far from impressed with what she saw. According to Mazibuko, patrons ‘ran out of the building’ as soon as officers showed up, indicating that they were all perfectly aware of their indiscretions.

“This Rhythm Lounge is a problem… During the third wave, with a third variant of COVID-19, they are open at 22:30 [half-an-hour later than legally permitted]. The streets are jam-packed, traffic is at a standstill and the place was full beyond capacity before patrons ran out. The managers have been arrested.”

Rhythm Lounge described as ‘a problem’ by MEC

Going forward, Rhythm Lounge will be allowed to remain open – but they’re now under a very watchful eye, and any future violations of the permitted opening hours could lead to their license being REVOKED.

Although curfew only starts at 23:00 in South Africa, hospitality spaces are under strict instructions to close one hour before. This is so visitors can get themselves back home in plenty of time, to ensure compliance with Level 2 lockdown regulations. Mazibuko also lamented the bar’s lack of ‘COVID awareness’…