goat stock theft

A goat found after a car crash. Photo: RUSA.

Poor sacrificial goat found in trunk of drunk driver’s car

A goat stashed in the trunk of a car was found after the motorist crashed into other vehicles, apparently under the influence of alcohol

goat stock theft

A goat found after a car crash. Photo: RUSA.

A sacrificial goat was found in the trunk of a car following a crash last evening in Verulam, north of KwaZulu-Natal.

According to Reaction Unit South Africa, a man transporting a goat in the boot of his vehicle crashed into two vehicles before slamming into a tree on Todd Street in Verulam on Friday, 24 June.


“Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) arrived on scene at approximately 17:48. It was established that a silver Toyota Corolla collided into the rear of a stationary blue VW Golf which crashed into a grey Kia Picanto in front of it. The Toyota Corolla then reversed and crashed into a tree,’ the report read.

RUSA confirmed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

“A goat that he purchased for sacrificial purposes was located in his boot. The occupants of all three vehicles and the goat were not injured.”

“The scene was handed over to the Verulam SAPS for further investigation,” RUSA informed.


Stashing of stock in the trunk isn’t an anomaly as cases of stock theft have made headlines in the past.

Last year, The South African reported on the popular occurrence of stock theft by the use of private cars.

In two instances, cases came from Zululand and Durban. In Durban, a motorist was charged with stock theft after police encountered a vehicle travelling at high speed. When the vehicle was pursued and subsequently stopped, police found a goat in the boot.

In Zululand police pursued a suspicious vehicle which was found to be transporting two suspected stolen goats.

Stock theft is a punishable offence that may lead to a hefty fine or imprisonment in South Africa.