renaldo gouws, MP, DA

DA’s Renaldo Gouws could continue to earn a lucrative MP salary amid disciplinary action taken against him.
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Could Renaldo Gouws still earn R100k MP salary amid suspension?

While the DA takes disciplinary action against Renaldo Gouws over his racist videos, he could still earn his lucrative MP salary…

renaldo gouws, MP, DA

DA’s Renaldo Gouws could continue to earn a lucrative MP salary amid disciplinary action taken against him.
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The Democratic Alliance (DA) has remained mum on whether Renaldo Gouws could continue earning his lucrative R100 000 monthly MP salary amid his suspension.

In a statement, the political party claimed that the 41-year-old would face disciplinary charges after verifying the authenticity of the latest racist video from his past.

On Wednesday, 19 June, a clip – filmed in 2010 – emerged of the outspoken social media commentator saying the K-word and inciting violence against black people.


In a statement issued on Thursday, the DA shared: “The DA has established that the video, in which Renaldo Gouws uses execrable language, is in fact genuine and not a fake as initially suspected.

“The DA Federal Executive has therefore suspended Mr Gouws with immediate effect while he faces disciplinary charges before the Party’s Federal Legal Commission (FLC).”

Last Friday,  Gouws was sworn in as a member of parliament (MP). Two days later, racially charged and homophobic videos he made more than a decade ago resurfaced. In the midst of it, a petition to remove Gouws as a member of parliament has received over 50,000 signatures. It continues to gain momentum. 

While Gouws initially apologised over the first few damning clips, he has yet to address the latest clip, all of which were deleted from his YouTube channel.

renaldo gouws, DA
The DA has suspended MP Renaldo Gouws over a racist video from his past. Images via X: @renaldogouws

According to DA Director of Communications Richard Newton, Renaldo Gouws would be suspended from all party activities while the FLC begins proceedings. This would take place “right away”.

When The South African repeatedly asked whether Gouws would keep drawing a salary from Parliament, Newton said, “The FLC case must first be completed before punitive measures are imposed.”

Newton did also not respond to allegations that Gouws denied making the video and branded it “fake.”


According to BusinessLive, MPs can earn over R100 000 a month or R1,2 million per annum.

There are also other perks to the title.

Parliamentary Media Manager Khuthala Noah told Business Insider that MPs also enjoy the following:

  • Travel allowance – 88 free domestic trips via air, train, bus, or vehicle.
  • Free airport parking and transport to and from the airport
  • Devices like laptops, cellphones, tablets, and furniture and stationery for their offices.
  • Free accommodation and transport from parliamentary villages


According to the SABC, the DA has acknowledged Renaldo Gouws’ viral videos and a petition launched to expel him from parliament.

In a statement earlier this week, the DA said that it “disassociates itself from the video and does not condone the tone and content.”

According to the party, Gouws removed the video from social media over a decade ago. He also apologised for it in 2013.

The DA added that it “believes that Gouws is indeed remorseful for his outburst over a decade ago.”

SABC also revealed that parliament was unable to probe the actions of Gouws in the video taken before he was sworn in as an MP.