Cape Town

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Arrest averted: Cape Town cops help woman deliver baby instead

In a movie-like scene, Cape Town police were ready to arrest a couple for breaking curfew laws, when their attention was suddenly diverted…

Cape Town

Image via: Flickr

Cape Town’s Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) officers were about to arrest a couple for driving past curfew, when they realised there was a pregnant woman that urgently needed their help on Tuesday 21 September.


The officers could not believe their eyes when they spotted a vehicle well past curfew around 3:00 in Bishop Lavis, Cape Town. However, a life-changing event was moments away. Inside the car, police found a pregnant woman, a male and two other children driving to a nearby clinic for the birth.

“On 21 September at about 3:00 in the morning, Law Enforcement LEAP officers were on patrol on Robert Sobukwe Drive approaching Montana when they spotted a vehicle on the road clearly flouting the curfew rules,’’ City of Cape Town Safety and Security Directorate spokesperson Wayne Dyason told IOL.

“They stopped the vehicle and found an adult male and female and [two] children inside. The female indicated she was pregnant and was going into labour and they were en route to the Bishop Lavis clinic to seek assistance.”


The woman soon informed the officers that her water had broke. It was perhaps time to give birth on the spot or lose more time. The two officers rolled up their sleeves to help the woman give birth.

“At that time her water broke and the officers, realising that no time could be wasted, swung into action. They alerted an ambulance for assistance and set about delivering the baby,” Dyason added.

Not long after, a baby girl was born.

“At 3:10, a baby girl was born into the world. The officers then decided to accompany the mother child and family to Bonteheuwel hospital for further care.”