Police Nkandla Zuma

Photo: Twitter

Zuma latest: Police HAVE arrived at Nkandla – but MKMVA block entry

Protesters remain outside of Nkandla on Wednesday, and as police arrived at the gates, they were confronted by a group of MKMVA members.

Police Nkandla Zuma

Photo: Twitter

It looks like the wheels of justice are finally turning out there in Nkandla, but there are many roadblocks left to navigate for law enforcement officials. Police finally arrived at the sprawling KZN homestead on Wednesday, but before they could get parked up, a gaggle of MKMVA members turned the vehicle away from Jacob Zuma’s family patch.

Zuma updates: Police arrive at Nkandla on Wednesday 7 July

We witnessed similar scenes last week, as those who gathered to support Zuma confronted police officers and sent them into retreat. Over the last week or so, the cops have elected to take a ‘hands-off’ approach, which has prevented them from forcibly arresting the former president. Msholozi is looking at a 15-month prison sentence due to contempt of court.

In the previous incident, police officials said that they were merely conducting a routine security check outside the gates of Nkandla. Nonetheless, vehicles belonging to the state were crowded by inquisitive protesters. A similar scene played out this afternoon, and the MKMVA representatives can be heard telling the police ‘you are not allowed here’.

Unmarked police car ‘turned away’ by Nkandla protesters

Will Jacob Zuma be arrested today?

As the minutes to midnight tick away, South Africa is waiting with bated breath to see if Jacob Zuma is finally brought to justice. He has defied ConCourt’s historic ruling, and instead elected to legally challenge the verdict in two separate court cases. However, neither application can suspend his prison sentence – and SAPS now has a deadline to meet.

According to Constitutional law, Zuma has to be taken into custody by the police eight days after the judgment was handed down, after he failed to turn himself in to the authorities. A failure to arrest the 79-year-old could also land Bheki Cele with his own contempt of court charge – and it seems the Police Minister doesn’t want that hanging over his hat