Police arrest 37 illegal diamond miners

Photo: SAPS

Police arrest 37 illegal diamond miners in Namakwa district

A total of 37 illegal diamond miners were arrested this week during several recent police operations in the Namakwa district.

Police arrest 37 illegal diamond miners

Photo: SAPS

Police have arrested 37 illegal diamond miners this week for illegal mining activities in and around Port Nolloth and Kleinsee in the Northern Cape.


According to police spokesperson Colonel Mashay Gamieldien, police operations were conducted at the Oubeeb/Tweepad mine and Nuttabooi mine and raids at Bontekoe hostel.

Mashay said the 37 suspects, 35 men and two women were apprehended and arrested in the mining areas of Oubeep and Nuttabooi. 

“They were charged for illegal mining. Five vehicles were also impounded as it was utilised in the commission of a crime.” 

Mashay furthermore said 28 others were warned to appear before the Port Nolloth Periodic Court on 03 August 2021. 

“Nine undocumented persons, eight men and a woman appeared before the Springbok Magistrates’ Court, and the case was postponed until 12 July 2021 for formal bail application.” 

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday, five more undocumented men were arrested and detained in Springbok.

“Numerous digging equipment and implements, including generators, shovels, hammers, jigs and power tools as well as numerous bags of diamond bearing gravel were seized.”

The Acting Provincial Commissioner of the Northern Cape, Maj Gen Joey Kers commended the multi-disciplinary task team which executed the disruptive actions.

Kers stated that these actions sent a clear message to illegal miners that their disregard for the law will not be tolerated and continuous efforts will prevail.

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Last month, the bodies of twenty unidentified men believed to be Zama-Zamas were found wrapped in white plastic bags in Orkney.


Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone, police spokesperson said the deceased men were found at two different locations in Orkney.

“Twenty unidentified male bodies were – on Tuesday and Wednesday- found at two various locations in Orkney outside Klerksdorp.”

All the deceased are suspected to be illegal miners commonly known as “Zama-Zamas” operating in obsolete shafts in Orkney and Stilfontein.