dog fighting NSPCA

NSPCA inspector confiscating the Pitbulls involved in a vicious dog fight. Photo: Supplied by NSPCA.

Pitbull dog fighting culprits traced down by NSPCA – (Video GRAPHIC)

NSPCA has identified teenagers as perpetrators behind the horrific dog fighting case involving Pitbulls after a video went viral

dog fighting NSPCA

NSPCA inspector confiscating the Pitbulls involved in a vicious dog fight. Photo: Supplied by NSPCA.

In one of the cruellest cases of dog fighting investigated, the NSPCA has identified two teenage boys, both aged 17, as the suspected perpetrators of the crime.

On the 8th of July 2022, a graphic video of dog fighting was forwarded to the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit (SIU) by a detective at the Aliwal North Police Station, Eastern Cape.


In the video, the teenagers can be seen inciting their two large breed Pitbulls to attack a dog that they had chained in a nearby veld. The dog can be heard screaming in pain and terror as the Pitbulls repeatedly tear into its flesh.

The teenagers are seen laughing and encouraging their blood-covered Pitbulls to continue attacking the chained dog, until eventually its bones could be heard being crushed and the dog passes away.

Throughout the video, the dog could be seen repeatedly trying to escape the attack but failed because it was chained.



According to NSPCA public relations officer Keshvi Nair, it was later discovered that the teenagers had stolen the dog from their neighbour, taken it to a veld and chained it. In a premeditated act of violence, cruelty and brutality the teenagers had chained the dog to facilitate being tortured and killed in an illegal dog fight for their entertainment.

“The NSPCA responded to the complaint immediately. Although the chained dog had already lost its life, the NSPCA was determined to remove the remaining two pitbulls from a life of dog fighting, as well as serve justice for the dog that was mauled to death,” said Keshvi

“During their 6 hour journey to teenagers’ properties, The NSPCA Inspectors drafted their application for a warrant. Given the violent nature of the offence and the urgency of the case, the Chief Magistrate had granted the NSPCA two warrants,” she added.

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On the 9th of July, the NSPCA, together with the detectives from Aliwal North SAPS, raided both properties of the teenagers in the Joe Gqabi area. Both the pitbulls seen in the video were found chained and were removed by the NSPCA, along with another dog found on one of the properties.

The NSPCA says intends to lay criminal charges against both the boys and three other spectators.

“There are more than three victims in this case. The first is the chained dog, who would’ve spent the last moments of its life in pain and terror. The second and third victims are the two Pitbulls who were robbed of their right to live normal dog lives when they were forced into the life of dogfighting by the teenagers, there could be other animal victims that we don’t know about that these boys incited an attack on too, and then… there are the countless victims of society. It has been proven that children, especially, who display a propensity of violence towards animals eventually grow up to become a threat to society. They grow up to harm women, children, elderly people and other vulnerable members of society. The level of premeditated violence in this case is shocking and should certainly raise concern for the future of our country if it is to be left in the hands of children who display such barbarity.”

Marcelle Meredith, Executive Director.

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Keshvi further said that although the accused in this case are all under the age of 18, the NSPCA will relentlessly pursue justice for the dog which lost its life as well the two pitbulls that were subjected to being used for illegal dog-fighting purposes.

“If you feel strongly about this case, support the NSPCA in our fight for justice and to protect more animals from suffering the same fate,” she concluded.