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Caltex garage, Kloof Nek Road, Cape Town, South Africa, with Table Mountain in the background / Image via Wikimedia Commons

Petrol price in September: Another increase on the cards

Motorists should expect to pay more for fuel in September, CEF says.

caltex astron

Caltex garage, Kloof Nek Road, Cape Town, South Africa, with Table Mountain in the background / Image via Wikimedia Commons

The data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) has come in and petrol price predictions for September paint a grim picture for diesel motorists.

The temporary respite motorists got in July feels a like distance dream because since then, it has been nothing but increases at the fuel pumps. According to the CEF, it is highly likely that we will be paying a bit for fuel in September too.

This is likely to be the second increase in three months, and at the rate that the rand is currently trading against foreign currencies, one can only cringe at the thought of how much will be asked from us by the end of the year.

Poor rand performance affects petrol prices

The ever-fluctuating oil prices cannot be blamed for this impending increase, this time around. According to a statement issued by the AA, the weak rand performance against foreign currencies is the basis for the higher petrol price we are likely to fork out in September.

“The average landed price of fuel dropped across the board during August. If the rand/US dollar exchange rate had remained flat, we could have been looking at a drop of up to 30 cents a litre for diesel and nearly 52 cents for petrol. Unfortunately, continuing rand weakness means that prices will increase instead,” the AA’s statement read.

Factors that influence the value of the rand are varying but more recently, our unstable political landscape has reduced the confidence foreign investors have in the country.

Furthermore, data released by Statistics South Africa, on Thursday, on South Africa’s import and export value, indicate that in August, the rand depreciated at 6.5% against the dollar.

This has been viewed by experts as one of the worst performance rates among emerging-market currencies, foreshadowing nothing but dark times ahead for motorists and our economy, alike.

Petrol price breakdown: Increases for September

According to the CEF’s reliable predictions, the petrol price, for September, will increase by:

  • 11.4 cents for Petrol 95 ULP;
  • 26.6 cents for Diesel 0.05%;
  • 26 cents for Diesel 0.005%; and
  • 23 cents for Paraffin

The only slight decrease that we will likely see in September is for Petrol 93 ULP & LRP, which will see a 1.4-cent drop.

Here’s how much you will likely pay at the pump

Based on the estimates noted above, this is how much you will likely fork out at the pump in September:

(Price is rand-per-litre)


  • Petrol: R16.04
  • Diesel: R14.56


  • Petrol: R15.40
  • Diesel: R14.02