Greyhound bus engine failure leads to a devastating explosion. Photo: Photos: Screenshots/Video/Twitter

Passengers survive Greyhound bus explosion [VIDEO]

Is Greyhound only just the name left?
Popular long-distance passengers coach exploded after an engine failure while en route to Durban


Greyhound bus engine failure leads to a devastating explosion. Photo: Photos: Screenshots/Video/Twitter

A Greyhound bus carrying 25 passengers on board recently exploded and went up in flames en route to Durban.


It is reported that the luxurious double-decker coach experienced an engine failure which resulted in an explosion.

The explosion happened in Vereeniging, Gauteng amidst travelling from Johannesburg to Durban in KwaZulu-Natal.

“We had just picked up some passengers in Vereeniging when we heard a loud bang. The bus came to a complete stop.”

Vehicle Trackers

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Speaking to Kaya959, Greyhound claimed that all of its vehicles are regularly repaired, kept up to the greatest safety requirements and maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

“Vehicles undergo pre- and post-trip inspection prior to every trip, there is a claim that there was an explosion in the engine compartment however, investigations are underway as to the exact cause.”

“At this point, the company would like to apologise to passengers on board for the inconvenience as a result of the incident. However, we have to allow for the investigations to conclude as to what the actual cause of the incident was. For further information, passengers can contact our call centre for assistance,” Greyhound told Kaya959.

No loss of life was reported.

Greyhound returned to the business of ferrying long-distance travellers early this year after ceasing operation last year during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many who’ve used the service aren’t entirely pleased with the numerous mechanical failures and accidents.

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Meanwhile, merely two months after announcing the return on South African roads, a collision involving a Greyhound bus claimed the lives of six people on the night of 28 June.
It’s alleged the bus tried overtaking a truck on a double lane and crashed into the bakkie.

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Is Greyhound only just the name left?