City of Joburg encourages the reporting of noise pollution. Photo: City of Joburg/ Facebook.

Partying too hard? Report them on the dedicated line

Is your neighbour Partying too hard this festive season without noise limits? Report him/ her ‘secretly’ and restore peace


City of Joburg encourages the reporting of noise pollution. Photo: City of Joburg/ Facebook.

Is your neighbour Partying too hard this festive season without noise limits? Well, the City of Joburg has a dedicated line to Report such incidents.


Music playing on blast is what some enjoy when partying or during the festive season, however, bylaws in the City of Johannesburg go against a certain level of noise which results in the disturbance of peace.

“If they’re making noise this festive, report them! we have a dedicated line for noise pollution: 011 375 5911 #JoburgBylaws ^NS”

City of Joburg

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In the past, the City of Johannesburg had established a working collaboration between relevant enforcement departments and officials in order to ensure that the level of by-law infringements, noise pollution and public disorder be dealt with via continuous and sustainable integrated operations.

These operations answer the calls of irate residents and law-abiding businesses in the area, who have become overwhelmed by the high levels of noise pollution, by-law infringements including illegal parking, improper public conduct and overcrowding at places of entertainment, especially during weekend nights.


Should you wish to apply for the noise exemption, follow the steps below, courtesy of CoJ:

Application for exemption from compliance with the provisions of the Gauteng Noise Control Regulations 1999 in terms of Regulations 13(1) – (6) and 17(1) – (5) 1.

In order for this Department to consider the application the following information must be provide, conditions/restriction be adhered to and a formal undertaking submitted:-
1.1 Full details of responsible person (applicant), ID Number, Postal Address/ Residential Address and Contact Details.

1.2 Residents of adjacent residential areas to be notified in advance of the intended event where amplified music will be played and announcements made. Dates, times and extent of the event as well as contact numbers to be provided to offer residents the opportunity to launch objections, if any. Records of objections to be forwarded timeously to this Department in order to be evaluated prior to consideration of the exemption. Kindly be advised that exemption from complying with the Provisions of the Noise Control Regulations 1999 and approval to stage the event shall not take effect before the applicant has undertaken in writing to comply with all afore- mentioned conditions imposed by this Department.

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2. Food preparation: – 2.1 All food vendors, food handling and transporting of food to comply with Regulations 5 and 6 of the Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and the Transportation of Food R918; with valid “Certificates of Acceptability” as proof thereof. 2.2 All duties of food handlers to be complied with as listed in Regulations 7 – 15 of Regulation R918, with emphasis on the temperature profiles, as specified in Annexure D of above-mentioned Regulations.

Furthermore be advised that compliance with requirements of this Department do not exempt the organiser from compliance with any other legislation, procedure or policy of this Council, the State or any other institution and no rights or privileges to conduct this business/activity on this property are inferred by compliance.