Outrage after disgusting racis

Outrage after disgusting racism on Parktown neighbourhood Facebook group

Amanda Durand Michau referred to a woman of colour as a “black snake” and a “houtkop”.

Outrage after disgusting racis

Please note, a previous version of this article shortened the full title of the group to “I love Parkhurst”. The actual group is the I Love Parkhurst, Greenside, Craighall Park, Parktown North & Emmarentia group and has been corrected to reflect as such to avoid confusion with any other similarly named groups.

A young woman who posted on the Facebook group “I Love Parkhurst, Greenside, Craighall Park, Parktown North & Emmarentia group”, inquiring about job opportunities, was called a “black snake” and a “hout kop”.

The members on the group would not stand for Amanda’s nonsense, though, and the group admin deleted her messages.

But Amanda would not stop. She took to her own Facebook post several further messages.

The message translates to “black snake begs for food on Facebook, so I told her she must phone a farmer”.

And she kept on going.

The message says that “kugels” of the Facebook group “has got a hold of her” and she is now “famous because she said she would not feed houtkoppe”.

Members of the group continued to warn Amanda, on her personal profile, that her comments are unacceptable, to which she responded, in English this time: “Fuck you! My page my opinion! You don’t like it fuck off!”

She later added: “I am not hiding! I see and read all the comments. I have a right just like any other in this country and I’ll be dammed if you take it from me! My voice gave you freedom! I can take it back”.

She later posted: “Ek sien al die kugels wat die wil gaan slaap om sex met hulle mans te ontduik, is nogsteeds besig met my! I love Parkhurst, beste sepie wat ek in jare nie sou kon skryf!”

Which translates to: I see all the kugels that are trying to avoid sleep to escape sex with their men are still busy with me. I love Parkhurst is the best soapie, I could not write this in years!

Then later, she posted another message: “KILL A FARMER, GO HUNGRY! En dis dit.”