OR Tambo heist: South Africans

OR Tambo heist: South Africans online reacted with all the shade expected

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OR Tambo heist: South Africans

Yesterday details emerged over a reported R24 million rand heist at OR Tambo airport.  A container carrying “high level goods” was intercepted by a gang as it was about to be loaded onto one of SAA’s planes, at the time the container was stolen, the plane was not anywhere near.

South Africans woke up to this news with amazement…. R24 million rand of literally ANYTHING sounds incredible to any South African, and figures like that have got some of us online yearning for those kind of amounts.

People were impressed at how the heck those criminals pulled it off…?!

Imagine what you would do if you had 24 million rand! *realises it’s never happening, proceeds to cry *

Details emerged that the robbers were in a MARKED Police vehicle….

People were guessing why the Police or security did not prevent it…


They also knew who is the PERFECT detective to solve this case!

Mostly though South African’s just wanted SOME of that money!