Only in South Africa: Young li

Only in South Africa: Young lioness hitches a ride on a Zebra

Well, the lion was hunting the Zebra for dinner, but it sure looks as if she’s going along for a little ride!

Only in South Africa: Young li

At the Pilanesberg National Park in Bojanala, a young lioness spent 10 tense minutes stalking a zebra.

Yusuf Chavoos managed to catch the hunt on camera. According to the Daily Mail, it took ten seconds of sprinting (and reaching a speed of 40mph) before the lion leapt onto the back of the zebra.

The lioness struggled to hold on as the zebra tried to escape. Eventually the zebra managed to shake the lion off and fled with the herd of five zebras.

“I was in two minds as to whether we should root for a kill or for the zebra to complete its escape,” Chavoos told the publication.
Chavoos took this fantastic shot in amidst the hunt.


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