On this day

1n 1991, Ian Wright joined Arsenal from Crystal Palace.

On This Day in South Africa: What happened on 24 September?

We look back on this day in world and South African history, remembering the people and events that shaped the world we live in today.

On this day

1n 1991, Ian Wright joined Arsenal from Crystal Palace.

Look at what happened on this day 24 September in history. From various achievements and milestones throughout human history to groundbreaking inventions and events that shaped the world we live in today.

Here is a look at some of the most notable events that happened on this day


1985 | On the outskirts of Cala, Transkei, police shot and killed Batandwa Ndondo, a 22-year-old former vice president of the University of Transkei’s Student Representative Council (SRC) and staunch opponent of the Transkei administration.

2005 | In the United States, Hurricane Rita hit, wreaking havoc on parts of extreme southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana.

2007 | The largest anti-government demonstrations in 20 years occurred in Yangon, Burma, with participation ranging from 30 000 to 100 000 people.

2009 | In Durban, South Africa, SA Airlink Flight 8911 crashed close to the airport, killing the captain and injuring the remainder of the crew.

2013 | In southern Pakistan, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake killed at least 327 people.

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1898 | South African politician, Johannes Van Rensburg died in 1966.

1957 | German footballer and manager, Wolfgang Wolf.

1980 | South African fashion model and actress, Tanit Phoenix.

1983 | Australian rugby league player, Ben Harris.

1961 | American lawyer and academic, Christopher L. Eisgruber.


2003 | American actor, Lyle Bettger, 88.

2013 | American football player and coach, Paul Dietzel, 89.

2016 | Welsh footballer, Mel Charles, 81.

2016 | American actor, Bill Nunn, 63.

2002 | Chadian politician, Youssouf Togoïmi, 49.


1991 | Many questioned the prudence of paying a then-club record sum of £2.5 million to acquire forward Ian Wright from Crystal Palace, who was just approaching his 28th birthday. Wrighty, though, set a Gunners record before Thierry Henry arrived when he scored a hat-trick on his Arsenal League debut and went on to net 185 goals in 288 first-team appearances.


2003 | On this day, Gordon Lightfoot was inducted into the Canadian Songwriter Hall of Fame.


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