Muizenberg most hit bridge 123

Photo: Facebook

D’oh! South Africa’s ‘most hit bridge’ claims another victim… [photos]

Mind the gap: The most hit bridge in the country has seen some more action on Tuesday, after a truck collided with the structure.

Muizenberg most hit bridge 123

Photo: Facebook

Well, it’s been a few months, but the ‘most hit bridge’ in South Africa has taken another scalp on Tuesday. A large HGV vehicle assumed it could slide under the narrow opening in Muizenberg, but spoiler alert: It couldn’t…

Photo: Facebook

Muizenberg bridge strikes again!

The bridge, which even has its own dedicated Facebook page and the affectionate nickname of ‘Bridget’, last recorded a major incident in May 2021. However, it seems that lessons still haven’t been learned in this part of Cape Town.

‘Most hit bridge in South Africa’ – can we change anything?

The situation has become a parody of itself over the years: Various trucks, high-sided vehicles and large buses have seen the 2.5-metre height restriction as a challenge rather than a warning – and it never ends well for those who go over the given parameters. However, it doesn’t seem like a quick solution is attainable.

Those in charge of running the ‘Muizenberg’s Famous Truck-Eating Bridge’ page must be used to answering the same questions over and over again, because they have pinned a post which explains why the road underneath cannot be lowered – outlining the obstacles that would be involved with such a major infrastructure project.

  • Or, you know, we could just use common sense and not try and cram huge vehicles through small gap? Just a thought…

“In regards to the suggestions about lowering the road level below ‘Bridget’ [the most hit bridge]: We are told that this cannot and will not be done for two main reasons: First, the bridge is old and built not much above sea level.”

“Messing with her ‘broekies’ could have far-reaching, undesirable consequences. Secondly, lowering the road will make the incline up to the Main Rd even steeper and this will cause a bunch of other issues.”

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