nomvula mokonyane state capture inquiry 22

Photo: Mzwandile Masina / Twitter

Watch: Nomvula Mokonyane dances while watching State Capture Inquiry

Well, given the woeful performances of last week’s State Capture Inquiry witnesses, Nomvula Mokonyane probably has good cause to dance for joy…

nomvula mokonyane state capture inquiry 22

Photo: Mzwandile Masina / Twitter

Nomvula Mokonyane has shown something of a playful side this weekend, after she was filmed dancing alongside Ekurhuleni Mayor Mzwandile Masina. But there’s something looming over them in the background – the spectre of the State Capture Inquiry, which remains in full view throughout the clip.

Nomvula Mokonyane and Bosasa

‘Mama Action’ is no stranger to facing the Zondo Commission. She has appeared several times, with her most recent turn in the hot-seat proving to be the most contentious. Mokonyane is alleged to have accepted a slew of bribes from Bosasa, who are even believed to have put an Aston Martin in her garage.

Nomvula Mokonyane’s nickname soon changed to ‘Mama Aston’ as more bombshells were dropped at the State Capture Inquiry. However, it seems the former minister isn’t afraid of the wolf at the door.

Instead, during her little jive with Mr. Masina, she can be seen having a whale of a time – while last week’s hapless Commission witness, Yakhe Kwinana, continues to give testimony to DCJ Zondo on the screen behind her.

Watch: Nomvula Mokonyane has a dance – while watching State Capture Inquiry

State Capture Inquiry latest

Well, we suppose this is one way of following a judicial commission that you’ve been implicated in. Nomvula Mokonyane has been on shaky ground in 2020, however: Not only have her alleged dealings with Bosasa proved to be a thorn in her side, but the politician has been accused of helping her daughter secure a multi-million rand PPE tender.

Questions were raised about the deal, but no official action has been taken yet. The focus of the State Capture Inquiry, meanwhile, will shift to Denel this week, as two key witnesses take to the stand: