JSC interviews judge Gauteng High Court 123

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Watch: Gauteng High Court applicant gives AWFUL interview answers!

An advocate applying for a top role at the Gauteng High Court has had glaring gaps in her legal knowledge exposed during the JSC interviews.

JSC interviews judge Gauteng High Court 123

Photo: YouTuve

The JSC interviews are certainly designed to separate the wheat from the chaff – but it usually takes a few more high-level questions before the unfancied candidates can be filtered out. Advocate Keitumetse Johanna Mogale made life easier for the Gauteng High Court panel, however – as her lack of judicial knowledge bordered on the farcical.

Who is Advocate Keitumetse Johanna Mogale?

Mogale, who had applied to become a judge at the Gauteng High Court, was rattled by some relatively easy questions. When asked to define what Constitutional Supremacy was, she drew a blank, and could only tell a disparaging DCJ Raymond Zondo that it ‘had something to do with the Constitution’.

I mean, she’s not wrong… but eish…

Watch: Gauteng High Court applicant bombs JSC interview

Her absent expertise continued to be a problem throughout the interview, with presiding judges quickly realising that the candidate wasn’t suitable for the role. When Mogale got her figures wrong – and struggled to understand the concept of what “100%” actually meant – it was curtains for her ill-fated bid to secure a place on the Gauteng High Court bench.

Judicial changes, from Chief Justice to Gauteng High Court

In total, there are 10 vacancies to fill at the Gauteng High Court, and 17 applicants have been shortlisted. But we’ve not seen a potential elimination this brutal since Squid Game came onto Netflix – and it would appear that Mogale has talked herself out of the running. The JSC interviews still have more business to conduct, however.

A new Chief Justice is set to be selected this month, with Raymond Zondo, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, and John Hlophe all in the running. Vacancies at the Constitutional Court, Electoral Court, and the Western Cape High Court also need to be filled – and we sincerely doubt any of the other applicants will produce a performance like Mogale’s…