WATCH: Four-week-old kitten re

WATCH: Four-week-old kitten rescued from inside light pole

Animal control suspects the kitten got scared during a recent thunderstorm, and crawled into the pole, where he was trapped

WATCH: Four-week-old kitten re

There’s nothing like an adorable kitten video to make us smile every once in a while: City technicians who were called to attend to a situation different from what they were usually used to in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States (US) just recently.

According to USA Today, animal control had reached out to the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Traffic Engineering division last week Thursday over reports of what sounded like meowing coming from inside a light pole near the University of Nebraska campus.

WATCH: Technicians find kitten in light pole

Officials arrived at the scene the next day and lo and behold, they found a four-week-old kitten trapped inside the city light pole, after an inspection.

“We weren’t sure what to expect when we first received the report. This is extremely rare and the first time we have ever received a report like this. The kitten was a little feisty and did not want to come out, but we were able to pull him out and get him to a safe place,” an official is quoted as having said.

According to Lincoln Animal Control, it is likely that the kitten got scared during a recent thunderstorm, and crawled into the pole from underneath through a small gap between the base and the ground.

The Capital Humane Society said that if the kitten is not claimed within three days, it will go to foster care and will be put up for adoption once it is old enough and gains more weight.