Berea Burglar 2

Photo: Blue Security / Twitter

Watch: Berea burglar busted after locking himself inside a store

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing a crook get undone by their own stupidity? This would-be thief ended up botching a burglary in Berea.

Berea Burglar 2

Photo: Blue Security / Twitter

We’d like to say that police in Berea, Durban have managed to get another dangerous criminal mastermind off the streets – but this crook has proved to only be a threat to himself, rather than others. The bungling burglar was detained after he had inexplicably got himself locked in a store he was robbing overnight.

Berea Burglar ‘locks himself inside store’

Blue Security was the first to respond to the incident on Friday, and they were able to restrain the would-be burglar. A number of items – including a large amount of cash – was discovered upon his person. It’s understood that, once the suspect was inside the store, he couldn’t get himself out. He eventually gave up and spent the night behind a cupboard.

“The shop owner made the surprise discovery when he entered the store and noticed that the shop had been ransacked. When he viewed CCTV footage he saw that a suspect was still inside his shop.”

“Further investigation by the security company on guard duty revealed that the suspect had somehow got himself locked up inside the store and spent the night behind a cupboard. Blue Security was immediately despatched to the scene and the suspect was detained. Metro Police also responded to the scene to assist.”

“The suspect was found in possession of a large sum of cash as well as various other items of value that he had collected in the store during the night. The store was closed for most of the day. An investigation is being conducted by SAPS.”

Blue Security

Watch: Burglar gets trapped in Berea Centre

Window shoppers treated to a scene

The final humiliation was complete upon the suspect’s arrest. He was detained in full view of bemused crowds that had gathered outside the Berea Centre, exhibiting a perfect example of how crime really doesn’t pay. Well, not if you go in as half-cocked as this guy did. Then you’re likely to be the subject of viral mockery.

The suspect is now being processed via the courts.