asian nationals id documents

Watch: Asian nationals questioned over suspicious ID documents [video]

The Asian couple claimed that they obtained their South African ID documents from the Chinese.

asian nationals id documents

These alert law enforcement officials were quick to sniff out the shoddiness of the ID documents that were presented by Asian nationals who, during a stop-and-search operation, were probed on how they entered our borders.

How did the Asian nationals obtain ID documents?

While there is not much information available on the incident involving these Asian nationals, the video did provide some key details.

From our understanding, a suspicious vehicle, carrying two Asians, was pulled to the side of the road by law enforcement authorities near Langlaagte, in Johannesburg, during an #OkaeMolao stop-and-search operation.

After observing the driver’s license and registration, the alarm bells of the law enforcement officer rang off. Both Asian nationals, a male (believed to be the driver) and female, could barely speak English, and yet they had both presented a form of South African identity documentation.

The male, who relied on his female companion for translations, held a legitimate South African driver’s license. The female, on the other hand, had presented a South African ID smart card.

The law enforcement officer could not wrap his head around how this was possible. He held the Asian couple for further questioning at the Langlaagte SAPS branch, where the two foreign nationals were asked to present documentation that proves they were in South Africa legally.

“We need to verify your documentation if you are [legally] in South Africa. So, we’re going to take you to SAPS here in Langlaagte where we are going to verify everything.

“You need to phone people to bring your documentation to show to us that you are [legally] in South Africa,” the officer said to the couple.

While it is very much possible for foreign nationals — with permanent residency — to obtain a South African driver’s licence and ID card, it was the Asian couple’s responses that raised eyebrows on their status in the country.

Asked how the male managed to obtain a South African ID and driver’s licence, without a passport, the female stated that she did not know.

She further made bizarre claims that the Chinese helped them obtain the ID documents. Realising that they were probably getting themselves into deeper trouble, the couple refused to answer questions.

You can watch the full video below.

Watch: Law enforcement officers probe suspicious Asians