V-Class woman

Lowest moment of SA’s slay queening? Image: @Madam_PB / Twitter

V-Class woman gets slammed and mocked: “Where’s the self-respect?”

The V-Class woman video has sparked anger, hysterics, and shame. “Poverty and not knowing your self-worth is very sad,” said one reaction.

V-Class woman

Lowest moment of SA’s slay queening? Image: @Madam_PB / Twitter

It’s been three days but South Africans are still yet to get over the V-Class woman video that went viral on social media. A few observers responded with concern, while most peeps have been left rolling on the floor with laughter.


As The South African reported, the dramatic footage witnessed a woman getting physically forced out of the luxury van by a fuming gentleman who yelled “Get out of my f**cking car, do you get money like that from amajita?”

She is heard pleading: “Askies mo, don’t do that. Askies, don’t do that.”

“Can you leave my ‘f*cking car!” the man continued while trying to force her out.

” I am really sorry,” the woman repeated.



Meanwhile, the incident has made whatever else has been happening in the country take a back seat. Opinions about women, class, culture, men, and education have been thrown around all over.

Here are some of the most contemplative comments we found:

  • Where’s the self-respect? Seems like the “V Class” lady has no respect for herself. Y’all can defend her all you want but clearly you got another thing coming, she’s used to these things,” said @LockzMokoena.
  • “Poverty and not knowing your self worth is very sad… The video of the girl being taken out of the V class is painful to watch. Girls go through the most for “soft life”!” said @ModisakengMusa.
  • “Everyday young women are reminded to work hard that v class video is embarrassing.. let’s push ladies we will get there,” said @Sbonelo93029064.
  • “I’m also not a fan of ladies who are entitled to soft life they can’t afford, but then The V class Video is very Disturbing. Now imagine the lady’s reputation..it’s all gone !! All those things should have happened behind scene ,why a need to bring camera?” @mahlanepeter said.

But it is the hilarious jokes that have dominated reaction…