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Photo: Reddit / u/docerin

Spend R14k on a wedding gift for this couple and you’re getting the lobster, anything less than R3k gets you the chicken

This controversial RSVP promised to serve guests meals based on how much they spent on their wedding gift.

gifts wedding

Photo: Reddit / u/docerin

The ‘Wedding Shaming’ subreddit is a place that very few newlyweds would want to appear on but many do. The online forum is used by hundreds of thousands of users that gleefully “shame wedding themes, brides, grooms” and more. In most cases, the public would probably agree that the shaming is well deserved.

An unidentified couple’s wedding RSVP was the subject of scrutiny in one of the forum’s posts. The controversial RSVP allegedly wanted wedding guests to disclose the value of their gift, so that the couple could plan the meals they would receive.


The RSVP shows a tiered structure – loving gift, silver gift, golden gift and platinum gift. The couple promised to offer guests better meals depending on how much they spent on the gift.

A loving gift would set guests back up to $250 (R3615, 21) and they would receive a roast chicken or swordfish meal. The next tier, silver, promised sliced steak or poached salmon if guests gave gifts valued between $251(R3629, 67) and $500 (R7230, 41).

The trend continued: Golden gifts – valued between $501 (R7244, 87) and $1000 (14 460, 82) – earned guests the right to pick a dish of filet mignon or lobster tails or the lower-tier options, if that’s what they’d prefer.

To top it all off, guests who reached the platinum tier by buying gifts to the value of $1001 (R14 475, 28) or $2500 (R36 152) and more were offered two pounds of lobster and a champagne goblet souvenir.

r/WeddingShaming users were up in arms about the outlandish invite with many saying they would decline the invite.

“Everybody should just say their gift was over $1k, eat the 2lb of lobster and laugh thinking about the couple opening their $40 toaster later,” suggested one user.

“The card my kids made for you is priceless, look the youngest even outlined her hand. Now excuse me, I need to store my goblet in my car quickly,” added another, in jest.

Many questioned whether the outlandish invite was actually sent for a wedding – with Redditors suggesting that it could have been for a charity event. The original poster, however, said they saved the photo from a Facebook group and are “desperately waiting for some more information and hoping that it’s just a joke,” according to Fox News.