procrastination week

11 March is procrastination week. Image: Pixabay

Putting off those tasks? Its procrastination week

Discover the reasons behind procrastination and its negative effects on the future – it’s procrastination week

procrastination week

11 March is procrastination week. Image: Pixabay

Procrastination week is the perfect week for those who like to push the snooze button on their phones too often or put off doing those chores.

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History of procrastination week

Psychologists have been baffled by procrastination for ages, as it has more negative than positive effects.

Despite this, many people still engage in it.

They often prioritize immediate gratification over what’s truly important, causing them to devalue long-term goals.

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People tend to view future events as less important than immediate ones, and if a long-term goal doesn’t align with their current self-image, they may opt to do something else that benefits them in the short term.

Some see National Procrastination Week as an excuse to indulge in activities that provide instant gratification rather than work towards important goals.

thers view it as an opportunity to take a break and prioritize their mental and emotional well-being.

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However, there are also those who oppose this holiday.

Procrastination can cause many problems in the future, and some argue that participating in this holiday goes against the idea of balancing one’s goals in life.

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During this holiday, people have the choice to either procrastinate as much as they want or work towards their long-term goals and be productive.