Christmas eve

24 December is Christmas eve. Image: Pixabay

Deck the halls – It’s Christmas eve!

Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24 December, and it is a night filled with excitement, family traditions, and good cheer

Christmas eve

24 December is Christmas eve. Image: Pixabay

Christmas eve is celebrated on 24 December and it is most probably one of the most exciting and magical nights of the year!

This is the night when children prepare for Santa’s visit, lay out the cookies and milk, and go to bed excited with the promise of presents the next day.

The history of Christmas eve

The custom of celebrating Christmas Eve stems in part from the Christian liturgy.

This begins at sunset and is based on the Book of Genesis’ Story of Creation. This states that the first day begins in the evening and ends in the morning.

It is also thought that Jesus, or Jesus of Nazareth, was born at midnight in the Palestinian region.

Many historical perspectives on ancient traditions aided in the development of eve celebrations, which remained in the early Christian calendar.

Christmas Eve marks the end of the Advent season, which begins on 30 November in the West and 15 November in the East.

On this night, the shepherds guarding their flocks outside Bethlehem saw the bright star in the sky. It announced the birth of Jesus Christ.

This is why many churches start their services on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Due to the Holy Inquisition, Christian traditions were made mandatory from the 12th to the 15th centuries.

Santa Claus and spending time with family

Christmas as a holiday became popular in the nineteenth century.

Christmas Eve is still an important part of Christian culture because it commemorates Jesus’ birth.

It has grown in popularity over the last century as a result of a beloved icon: Santa Claus.

More traditions arose from the idea of the jolly man in red, such as hanging stockings and leaving out cookies, milk, and sometimes carrots for his reindeer.

Apart from Santa Claus and Christianity, Christmas Eve became a day for spending time with family and loved ones over dinner, decorating, gift wrapping, and watching Christmas-themed movies.

From Europe to North and Latin America to Asia, the holiday brings families and friends together to enjoy special and traditional activities.

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