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The Zeenatul Islam Masjid mosque – Image: Google street view

No, Sharia Law isn’t coming to KZN: Local councillor stung by fake messages

A few people have been duped by fake message – claiming to be from a former councillor – which suggests KZN is campaigning for Sharia Law.

sharia law kzn

The Zeenatul Islam Masjid mosque – Image: Google street view

A former city councillor in eThekwini has distanced himself from a round of fake social media posts which champion the implementation of Sharia Law, and the segregation of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) from the rest of South Africa. Yacoob Baig has reacted in horror to the sentiments being expressed falsely under his name.

Speaking to the Daily News this week, the ex-politician was keen to reject the notions proposed by a series of posts spread across social media. Some of the messages are signed with Baig’s name as the “Imminent President of the Islamic Republic of PakZulu-Natal”.

Yacoob Baig: Councillor fights back against “Sharia Law” allegations

The divisive communications serve no other purpose but to whip-up hatred and fear in the province, targeting Indians and people of the Hindu faith. They claim that a movement is underway to separate KZN from South Africa, turning it into its own country which obeys Sharia Law:

“We strongly believe the minorities must be killed if they don’t convert to Islam, and such kind of protest will create awareness about it in South African Muslims and will teach them how to treat different religions. We demand a separate country as the “Islamic Republic of PakZulu-Natal where we will implement Sharia Law”.

Part of the fake message doing the rounds in KZN

Don’t expect KZN to become a breakaway Islamic republic…

A fair number of social media users had believed the messages were genuine, creating a nightmare scenario for Yacoob Baig. He has “emphatically denied” any link to the posts promoting such religious intolerance as Sharia Law:

“I emphatically deny any association to its implication. I have always worked well with interfaith organisations and leaders of different religious affiliations. This post serves to divide us and promotes segregation and religious intolerance. I have always worked towards religious unity and harmonious co-existence.”

Yacoob Baig

Premier Sihle Zikalala condemned the message, and gave the green-light for a full investigation to take place. The ANC stalwart said that posts were expressing “terrorist sentiments” regarding Sharia Law. Baig has also opened a case of intimidation with the police in Sydenham, as authorities bid to get to the bottom of this issue.