The YouTuver was confronted by an angry motorist over the weekend – Photo: YouTube

LOOK: Angry motorist confronts cyclist ‘famous for reporting bad drivers’

Mike van Erp, who grew up in Zimbabwe, has previously caught stars like Frank Lampard and Guy Ritchie on camera – but not everyone is a fan.


The YouTuver was confronted by an angry motorist over the weekend – Photo: YouTube

If you see this cyclist pull up next to you at the traffic lights, you better hope he’s looking the other way. Mike van Erp – otherwise known as CyclingMikey on YouTube – ended up in a heated confrontation over the weekend, after he was caught doing what he loves most…

Who is CyclingMikey?

Van Erp enjoys pseudo-celebrity status in the UK, as a result of his activity on YouTube. The cyclist, who originally grew up in Zimbabwe, films various drivers across London who commit vehicular infractions. No matter the weight of the offence, Mike is there to report it.

The so-called ‘vigilante’ has reported a number of high-profile figures to the police, including film director Guy Ritchie and football legend Frank Lampard. Both were convicted as a result of van Erp’s video footage – but not everyone shares his vision of ‘justice’ on the roads.

CyclingMikey was on the end of a verbal tirade recently, when the driver of a black Range Rover grew irate with his actions. He saw the cyclist filming a driver in front of him, who was using his phone while sat at a red light.

Watch out, Mike van Erp’s about…

The motorist leapt from his car, and stormed over to van Erp. He directed a volley of abuse towards the divisive YouTuber, frequently dropping F-words and C-bombs as he made his feelings clear. True to his brand, Mike then vowed to report HIM as well.

This crusade is certainly a personal one for van Erp – a drunk driver knocked his dad off a motorbike, resulting in a series of life-threatening injuries. Sadly, he passed away shortly after being hospitalised. At the time, the would-be vigilante cyclist was just 19.

WATCH: Cyclist confronted by Range Rover driver

Many people may not agree with what Mike van Erp does in his spare time – but these missions are motivated by tragedy. Alas, that doesn’t count for much when big burly Range Rover drivers come storming towards you…