lion on the loose north west

The lion has been on the loose since Saturday – Photo: Supplied / Mike Dexter

Lion on the loose! Feline escape puts North West on high alert

Park rangers and law enforcement officials alike are struggling to track down a missing lion, which is still roaming around North West.

lion on the loose north west

The lion has been on the loose since Saturday – Photo: Supplied / Mike Dexter

Citizens in the North West province have been asked to exercise caution on Monday, after attempts to recapture an escaped lion near Sun City proved to be unsuccessful. The big cat has been on the loose since Saturday, and there are fears that local livestock are now in danger.

Lion on the loose in North West

A mauled goat has been found near where the lion is thought to have escaped from. However, this isn’t enough to help the experts properly track this feisty feline. Pilanesberg National Park ranger Steve Dell gave one of the least reassuring statements imaginable this morning, confirming there’s been ‘no sightings’ of the lion so far.

  • According to the wildlife buff, the escapee is doing a VERY good job of going undetected

“No further tracks or sightings have been reported of the escaped lion. We do not know where the lion came from in the first place as there are no direct tracks leaving the park.”

“We do not know where it went as no tracks were found of the escape route. Suffice to say it could be from Pilanesberg but we cannot assume until we investigate further. The search continues.”

Steve Dell

Authorities struggling to find feline escapee

North West’s local government structures believe the lion is currently in the Mahobieskraal region, near to Sun City. Plans and provisions are in place to locate the animal and bring it home safely. Those who do spot a lion where it shouldn’t be are advised to call SAPS immediately, so they can inform the park rangers.

“It is reported that the lion may be around the Mahobieskraal area, which is situated near the R556 road between Sun City and Ledig. A bait trap has also been set, in the hope that it will find its way toward it. Community members are therefore urged to exercise caution and be on the lookout for the lion.”

North West Department for Economic Development